Book Review of “Potato Chips” by Anshuman Mohan

Potato Chips

by Anshuman Mohan

This one is a crisp and flavored (autobiographical) campus tale by a teenager.

The story is about a school going kid Aman Malhotra who shifts from a small school in Calcutta to St. Xavier’s School. His life changes. And not for the good initially.

The book reads like his journal with pranks, punishments, new friends, new teachers, new school atmosphere and everyday struggles to “fit in” and to balance the new peer pressure.

The childish cheerfulness reflects as the escapades of Aman, Rohan, Ankit and Sameer are described.

And it makes for an enduring read. And of course the story of Shubhoo and his dream of being a tennis star, and the sister with a bad boyfriend and a school buddy with difficult parents make up for a good read.

At quite a few levels you might connect with the story and venture into a flashback of your schooling days. But quite a few instances kind of bring in a reality check – the peer pressure kids face in school, the high tastes, the use of expensive technological gadgets, the social divide amongst the kids –is all a face of reality.

Oh, cut the boy some slack for the grammatical errors and clichéd bits. And the self-centeredness. And the overtly enthusiastic backing from parents. And him being the “hero” of the book.

Overall, ‘Potato Chips’ is a fun read. The title itself is catchy. And yes it is quite entertaining and takes you back to your teenage days. And yes, a good attempt by a young author.


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  1. An enjoyable read Potato Chips by Anshuman Mohan. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by “to read” list.

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