Book Review of “Relentless” By Dean Koontz


By Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz is known to have delivered excellent work in the past. But of late, the quality of his writing and his ability of creating thrill seem to have dropped.

Relentless is a story of a highly fabulous family, where the father (Cullen) is a successful author, the mother (Penny) is a successful children’s book author and their son (Milo) is a wiz-kid. Their dog, an Australian Sheppard (Lassie) too seems to posses some good odd powers.

Cullen receives a scathing review for his recent novel from a highly influential critic- Sherman Waxx and instead of accepting the truth, Cullen decides to indulge in a (what seems harmless to him) stunt of sorts. But things don’t really go as planned and what begins is a series of spooky, unpredictable events that venture into harrowing Cullen’s family and everyone around them.

Certain parts of the story are simply sad. And not literally – I mean really sad and lame to read. A six year old with a thing for Physics, inventing incredible gadgets and devices and doesn’t wish to explain it to his parents; a dog with odd powers (cute and adorable); Penny’s parents who believe that humanity is on its way downhill and soon there won’t be any power tools and hence they are trying to get accustomed to such ways of life already – I mean – really!?!

The humor is so forced at places that it is unbelievable. Yes, the ideation is nice but the execution ain’t. The plot seems to be stretched a bit longer that required.

Overall a quick good read with sprinkles of science fiction / humor / satire / suspense.


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