Book Review of “Stilettos in the Newsroom” by Rashmi Kumar

Stilettos in the Newsroom

By Rashmi Kumar

The story depicts the journey of a young journalist (Radhika) as she moves up her career ladder, sometimes by “kissing ass” and sometimes by putting her foot down with meeting deadlines and targets.

The book has relatable instances (esp. for budding journalists and for the ones who’ve acquired a position in their publication.) Office politics, bitching and a free flow of verbal venting seems/is real. The way she balances life and career is also well portrayed, though some sections of the story could have been more tightly written.

Cleverly written, the book would’ve captured more attention and fame had the editing been a bit more stringent. (Some places have a mix up of tenses.)

Connecting the past and the present can be dicey, if not presented well. Rashni’s attempt has been good, but can be honed further.

As a reader and a journalist, I’d say the book has scored a well deserved position on the stands.

It opens up the inside world of a publication but with a few (acceptable) loopholes.

After all, such attempts are building blocks.

Overall, a good attempt by Rashmi Kumar.



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