Book Review of “Love @ Facebook” By Nikita Singh

Love @ Facebook

Nikita Singh

Well, here we go. Another “chick-lit” by a young Indian author.

And this time the author ropes in Facebook too!


So this is about a bored teenager, Vatsala, who ends up falling in “love” with a VJ – after having seen him on TV and then hunting him on FB (it’s amazing what all and who all we can find on FB!).

A few messages they exchange – blatantly flirting and generating interest – to end up being almost “obsessed” by each other.

Vatsala’s friends Janavi and Ankit can’t do much to help. And Ankit’s “love” for Vatsala usually ends up being unnoticed.

“Come on! Like wasn’t that natural. I mean Hello! She’s all “goo goo gaa gaa” about the hot-shot VJ. Talking about him day and night. How do you think she’s going to notice your gestures?”

You see, that’s the tone I felt in the dialogues while reading the book.

It’s like hearing teenagers having a conversation with a friend. And the “yuppy” ones.

I know the ideation is quite nice and the flow very easy, there is humor and a bit of maturity (hidden somewhere) but maybe I was expecting more. Oh! I forgot the author is just about 19 or so! Oh ok then…this book is just fine.

It’s nice to see Nikita’s ideation of using the FB tool to develop the story around it. It sure is a fact nowadays. Quite a bit of stuff happens on FB.

*But I wonder why some people on other sites have used the “defence” way already while writing reviews for this book?

As of today, not many writers think of adding literary value in their work – and somehow even I’ve stopped expecting the same from them, so why go “defending” it. It’s a personal opinion. Some people like it. Some don’t. Why prick them?? I wouldn’t really expect “you” to like Shakespeare, now would I ?!

Anyways, other’s who have chanced to stumble upon this one, wait for a friend to buy it so that you can “borrow” it and read it. Like I did 😉

Yeah, I invest my money in International authors!



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8 responses to “Book Review of “Love @ Facebook” By Nikita Singh

  1. akansha sharma

    I d0n’t think its a “b0rr0w fr0m a friend” b0ok! I mean i w0uld prefer buying it myself! I’ve read the back c0ver its awes0me.It is written f0r a particular age gr0up,teenagers like me can relate t0 it. And, being 0nly 19 its a great eff0rt 0n her part t0 write a BOOK.I’m looking f0rward t0 lay my hands 0n it..!!:)

  2. santosh kumar

    i am not a regular reader of fiction..but yaa! came to know about the book from one of my friend.. started reading and first tym i really invested my 3 hours at a time in part of book is it`s all about cmn indian youth and things happening around.. i can relate myself with the opinion it u can`t evr expect a devue novel like this.. . go for it..u won`t regret for money..

  3. kundan sahu

    nice to see someone noticed the facebook to relate to fantasy of teen age and presented a tasty chatab bhagat have a budding competitor.Nikita you have a beautiful mind.

  4. i read this book….it was horrible………….completely nonsense

  5. I too was always stuck up with international authors and had read none from india except chetan bhagat but when I touched nikita singh’s books I just couldn’t let it go! She keeps the readers engaged…….this isn’t what you find in india everyday, do you?

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