Book Review of “Mom Says No Girlfriend” By Subhasis Das

Mom Says No Girlfriend

By Subhasis Das

This is one story quite a few youngsters would be able to relate to.

Samarth’s life goes for a toss at the age of 10, when his mom discovers a love letter written by him for a girl. And like any other mom, she is most paranoid with the whole idea of kids in love.

This becomes like a turning event in/of his life. He starts hating everything around him.

His music class was where Sam would find solace but that too seemed like an unwise move in his parent’s eyes. That felt like another blow to him and Sam’s dreams of pursuing his love for music too came crashing down. His parents were of the opinion that he was too young to make an informed or a mature decision.

The rebel in Sam rises and he coaxes his parents to get him admitted into a school located far away from home, so that he can be further away from his parent’s reach.

His new environment and new friends show him a different side of life. The wild side. With late night parties, alcohol, sexual escapades, and all the vices that parents try keeping their child away from. Sam took it as a sign of freedom and fun.

But is it really all that?

The lucid flow of the book makes it read fast. It has a very simple but realistic approach. Many youngsters would definitely be able to relate to Sam’s character and his point of view. The dilemmas, the anxieties, the outlook, the perceptions –all reflect the disparity in the generations today –between parents and children.

Maybe a one-time read.



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3 responses to “Book Review of “Mom Says No Girlfriend” By Subhasis Das

  1. Subhasis Das

    thanks for your review 🙂

    You can contact me on

  2. Siddique

    This book was very well

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