Book Review of “Bringing Up Vasu: The First Year” By Parul Sharma

Bringing Up Vasu: The First Year

By Parul Sharma

The story opens with the protagonist (Mira) stepping out of the hospital with her first-born –Vasu. She is confident about her capabilities as a mother – given that she has attended all the pre-natal sessions; is geared up with her postnatal planning; read all the books on parenting that one could; and most importantly – she feels she has expert advice from Rhea – her friend.

But no sooner that she gets home and starts being a “mom” that she realizes, that theory and practicality are two different things – 

and having a baby is no simple task!

Then begins a full-fledged roller-coaster ride in Mira’s life.

The endless baby poos; regular baby feeds; irregular sleeping time; lack of energy; losing out on career; losing out on her nanny; struggling with the weight gain; not having mommy dear around in time of crisis; it’s like Murphy’s Law stalking her (everything that has to go wrong does go wrong with her!).

From being worked up about getting Vasu admitted into a coveted playschool Teddy Footprints to juggling between her woes with family, friends and self, how Mira goes through this phase of life (bringing up Vasu) is worth reading.

I think most working women will be able to relate to this one. Kid or no kid – the career oriented ones will know what it feels to see another colleague getting promoted over oneself; or how it is when a maid deserts you in the middle of life.

More so, the book offers a sneak-peak in to the life of a “new” working mother who undergoes an upheaval of mood-swings and emotions – a part and parcel of mom-dom.

The book is utterly funny. Her hen-pecked husband Anand who is so understanding and funny in his conversations (unknowingly), overtly caring mother, and wacky friends bring in a lot of drama and humor. The characters are so relatable and real that it feels like part of life you’ve witnessed at some point being re-enacted through words.

The pace is good and the plot quite rich. The writing style is simple, punchy, effective and definitely unique.


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