Book Review of “The Boss Is Not Your Friend” By Vijay Nair

The Boss Is Not Your Friend

By Vijay Nair

(A Handbook For Indian Managers To Survive All Things Organizational)

Vijay Nair’s The Boss Is Not Your Friend challenges many theories of self-help management books.

It is more of a good guide to the “real” corporate world and the authorities that somewhat rule it. The book reveals the ugly truth that not many “management gurus” wish to spill. Presenting a collection of true life incidents of people from various corporate worlds, the book takes a dig at the Indian work culture and the people involved. Like: employees are not encouraged to ask questions, but to take orders; it is good to maintain a certain distance from your colleagues and your boss, lest your work gets affected; butter up your boss before the appraisal or be sly in getting a promotion.

Quite refreshing in its style with real life incidents and an interesting set of questionnaire to help classify the different kinds of bosses, and practical advice on how to deal with each type.
The six categories of bosses are quite aptly described, bringing in humor and practicality in dealing with such bosses. The Oily Oyster, The Vicious Viper, The Flattering Fraud, The Crafty Conman, The Burly Bastion, and The Horny Harry.

The narrative is quite funny and contemporary, and highlights latest scams of the corporate world.

The book is definitely unique in approach; offers intelligent pointers; and very realistic in nature. I’d say give it a read to know the truth behind corporate success.

Moral of the book: Beware of your boss. ‘It’ is not your friend.



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  1. Bastab


    Like your review. Here’s my take on ‘The Boss is not your friend’:



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