Book Review of “Beep You! Beep Hole” by Smarak Swain

Beep You Beep Hole 

By Smarak Swain

It’s not surprising to see Indians swear -with or without reason. But how it affects their personality or psyche is what they do not understand.
So, Smarak Swain presents a new perspective: of understanding human and social behavior through swearwords and slurs used by people. It tries to make sense of swearwords spoken across the length and breadth of India, differences and similarities with other societies, and finally attempts to make sense of the aroma and aesthetics in ugly, distasteful, and sexist words.
It is quite enlightening, if I am allowed to say so. It’s quite a commendable effort by Smarak Swain.
It does open up your mind to reflect on your words…or “helping verbs”, like I heard someone address them.
The book says that he has authored an academic book on Applied Psychology and has edited a collection of essays on social issues of India. I say, having seen, experienced, lived and addressed such issues, this ‘colorful language’ book can only be the ideation of such a mind.

Pick it up. You might know a bit about people around you; a bit about the culture and a lot about yourself.


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