Book Review of “Bombay Rains, Bombay Girls” by Anirban Bose

Bombay Rains, Bombay Girls

By Anirban Bose


The unique title made me pick this book from a friend’s bookshelf. Weird funky cover page design.

The story is about Adityaman –a young, small-town lad (with a big inferiority complex) who seeks admission in Bombay’s medical college. When Adi is leaving his hometown, the advice he gets is ““You’ve got to see two things in Bombay: The Bombay Rains and the Bombay Girls.” No wonder the title!

The initial part of the book felt quite Bollywood-ish. But I continued reading.
So, Adi lands in B-town only to face the horrors of ragging, the culture shock, and the new-found hassles of settling in a new environment. His fears, insecurities and naivety are quite heart-felt.
Soon, his natural leadership streak overtakes and he is looked up to by the rest of the batch. Of course he gets good grades, makes good friends, gives good advice to the clueless few, and yeah sure let’s not forget, he does get the girl!

And the two years of college seem to have imparted more than just medicine gyaan to Adi – love, work, politics, religion, morality, friendship –all areas covered!

Talking about the other characters in the book – they all have a story of their own. Toshi, Pheru, Sam, Harsha, Renuka, Isha –all strikingly different personalities sharing the common bond of friendship based on their genuineness and simplicity.

As an individual, Adi faces a tough battle of principles and morality vs. emotional bonds. His personal and professional life experiences turmoil only to be soon restored. It’s nice how every time he walks himself in to any kind of trouble, there seems to be a pretty coincidence waiting round the corner, to get him out of the pangs. Doesn’t that happen to all the main leads? (Bollywood-ish)

Many incidents, descriptions, expressions, and behavioral patterns, portrayed bring it closer to reality. The good thing is that this ain’t a stand-alone story, dragging readers or forcing them to read on. The sub plots and mini stories within come across as small bursts of emotions – mostly fun.
And yes, finally the “happy ending”. (So really Bollywood-ish)

The writing could have been tighter. The number of pages might boggle an put off some readers. The art of storytelling will ripen (I truly hope so) with the author’s further offerings. But as a debut work of fiction, this is quite pleasing.

Good font size, smooth narrative, decent characterization, quite a few relatable incidents, good setting, glimpses of reality, philosophical trips, words of wisdom, a budding love story – all woven together neatly makes this a one-time read.


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One response to “Book Review of “Bombay Rains, Bombay Girls” by Anirban Bose

  1. Rima Namhata

    Dear Sonia,
    I am a Research Scholar in the department of HSS in IIT Kharagpur.Well, my broad area of research is Contemporary Indian Campus Fiction.
    Went through some of the book reviews offered in your blog and yes I find them helpful for my work.

    If you don’t mind, I would like to share and exchange views on some contemporary Indian Campus Fiction. And may be you need to help me in answering few of my queries as well. As a beginner in research , I am looking for this cooperation.

    Warm Regards,

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