Book Review of “Keep The Change” by Nirupama Subramanian

Keep The Change

Nirupama Subramanian

A new author with a new offering. But how “new” is this one?

Quite a chick-lit, ‘Keep the Change’ tells the story of a certain B. Damayanthi. An ambitious 26 year old, unmarried, Tamil Brahmin girl who has to fight her way to steer clear of the unending prospective groom-hunt her mother keeps pushing her to.
Damayanthi, an accountant from Chennai, eventually moves to Mumbai to climb the ladder of success. And as she does so, her mother’s parting words of wisdom are, “Be good. Don’t do anything silly.” Translation: ‘Stay away from sex and alcohol!’

(Don’t all moms say that?!?)

She ends up sharing an apartment with a size-zero, sophisticated, anti-thesis to Damayanthi – Sonya Sood and they, more often than not, end up battling for the tv remote; at work she has to impress C.G.; understand the complicated words of wisdom imparted by Jimmy; try and not get seduced by Rahul; and try harder to not lose her original self in the corporate maze.
Women (read: girls) face situations, in the corporate world, wherein leaving behind ethics is one of the most difficult decisions they have to take for the sake of success. Not many are able to do that in an un-jeopardizing way.

The second half of the book sees Damayanthi write personal letters to her best friend Victoria. The revelation at the end is quite err…touching.

I only wished certain parts were more tightly or crisply written.
Though lengthy, Keep the Change is humorous and emotional. Overall quite entertaining.

The narrative is smooth flowing and the perspective, yes, new!! The writing is fresh and captivating. (Good job there.)

The character of Damayanthi is quite endearing and relatable to. Breaking the chains of protective, homely, and orthodox surrounding only to walk the new-found path of corporate world, you see how Damayanthi transforms…for the good or for the bad is what I leave for you to find out.


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