Book Review of “Revolution 2020” by Chetan Bhagat

Revolution 2020

By Chetan Bhagat

I have a mixed view about Chetan Bhagat’s latest novel.

It opens with Mr. Chetan Bhagat visiting GangaTech College in Varanasi for a discourse. He meets Gopal and then we see Gopal pouring his heart out to Chetan Bhagat, under the influence of alcohol and a sad incident.


To give a background, this is a love triangle and it also brings out the corruption and facades of the education sector (with coaching classes mushrooming eveywhere, esp. for IIT, JEE and CAT exams).

Gopal belongs to a poor family. His friend Raghav belongs to a middle class family. And Aarti (Gopal’s love) belongs to the affluent section of society. Gopal has to struggle all his life for everything. From making a decent living to taking the exams to claiming his love. Raghav on the other hand stands up to values and fights against the wrong-doings in society. Aarti is a rich girl with her good looks and charming smile and great lifestyle. The three have been friends from childhood. Gopal falls in love with Aarti, while she falls in love with Raghav.

Then comes the “Love, Corruption and Ambition” angle to the story. Gopal wants to prove to Aarti that he is better than Raghav and he designs a plan to seek revenge in his own twisted way. He ends up starting his own college and coaching classes for IIT aspirants and takes the generation under his stride. Raghav is an upright and morally/ethically righteous person who defies everything wrong and corrupt. And we see the fight between the good and the bad.

Quite a bit of the book was clichéd and predictable. The climax was, yes, a bit “feel-good-factor”. The language and the flow of the story is very simple. I would’ve preferred crisper editing. But is it just me or do you also feel that the book read mostly like a movie script.
I even imagined the actors playing the parts while reading this one.
Not something that I would appreciate.


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10 responses to “Book Review of “Revolution 2020” by Chetan Bhagat

  1. We pick up a book fiction esp to read something new-but this one was so predictable! So much like every second hindi moview. To write a novel while keeping Bollywood in mind is welcomed to copy chit-chats frm there is so boringggg!

  2. Its good 2 read bt i m happy to say this is same as my lyf

  3. Jeemol

    I realy like this book the story was really good and the climax was really unexpected.
    It really touched my heart alot

  4. saurav

    always nice to read chetan bhagat

  5. pragati

    nyc book……..luved gopal’s chemistry…….
    nd i always prefer chetan bhagat…… to read….

  6. i was eager about the book and it worth my expectation a lot….. and thank you chetan for implement the habit of reading noval

  7. As a die hard fan of Chetan Bhagat, th ebook left me disappointed.

  8. aarti

    chetan bhagat is alway my fav.writer and this novel was goooooood i just love this novel.and what a conincident i m also aarti , beautiful aarti……….i luv u

  9. One of the best stories by Chetan Bhagat. As always, he is successfully able to establish a connect with the contemporary issues faced by bewildered girl’s and gullible boy’s. Quite, what we experience in our own lives, but well elaborated. Good book for thoughts. Can’t wait for the movie to come in.

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