I love reading. I love talking. I love writing.

I like things simple.

I say it the way I see it.

I don’t “sugar coat” things for you to like them, ‘coz honey – the world really does not spin around you.

And yes, like we know – Life is like a black man’s left butt…it ain’t right…and it ain’t fair. So face it. The way it is.

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  1. Rishabh Singh

    I just went through your wonderful website, while I was searching some book reviews. Looks like, I’ve an interesting idea for you.

    I was searching Harsh Snehanshu’s “Oops! I fell in love!” review on your blog, which unfortunately, I couldn’t find. Well, Harsh has been in news lately since he has completed his second novel and has very recently launched a very interesting social media campaign for his second book, titled ‘The Lazy Writer’s Competition’, where he’s inviting people to suggest him the title for his next book on his fan page. It’s for the first time anybody is crowd-sourcing a book’s title in India and I think, it would be great if popular websites like yours become the first one to take his interview or comment in relation to this campaign.

    It’s a novel campaign about a novel, remember, would fetch you good hits as well. We’re doing a cover story on him in HT in June. Since it’s a social media campaign, we were looking to outsource it through popular social websites related to book, like yours.

    Rishabh Singh
    Social Media Reporter
    Hindustan Times

    • I guess i did see it on FB.
      How do you wish to connect?

      • Rishabh Singh

        Dear Sonia,

        Nice review there. Regarding the blog, I wanted you to conduct an interview for the same.Try connecting with the author himself for an interview. He’s conducting a social media competition where he is asking his readers to suggest titles for his next book.

        I suppose he has a fan-page or something. Please get back as soon as you’re done with the interview. Our team has mailed to around a dozen websites and popular blogs to do the same; the best one will be outsourced in HT in June. Popular sites like buzzr.in and YourStory have already done one round of interview with the author.



  2. Hi Sonia. My Debut Novel ‘Love’s Journey’ has been published by Pustak Mahal and is market since a month. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Loves-Journey/144234218983030
    I’d love you to review my book. Love, Rashmi.

  3. Hi Sonia,
    Would you care to review my novel THE LONG ROAD? You will find the details on its webpage.

  4. Sure…send me a reviewer’s copy and i shall try and wrap up the review soon!

  5. Hi Sonia,
    I am just another amateur-writer. When you find time, kindly visit this page and tell me how I can improve my writing as I am passionate about this art.

  6. Zeeshan Farooqui

    Hi Sonia,

    My book by the name Charliezz has been released. It has been published by Leadstart Publishing Private Limited.

    I would appreciate if you can review the book. I can arrange to send you a review copy. Please do send me your mailing address on zeestar@rediffmail.com if you are inetersted.

    I am also sending you the link to have an idea of the book.



  7. Hi Sonia,
    I would love it if you can review my two e-books. The links to download them for free is:

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  8. Sneha

    Hi Sonia,

    Love reading your reviews always. Was wondering if you can review Happionaire’s Investment Secrets For Women?

    Needed to know if it is worth reading or not.


    • i’ve read the Happionaire books in bits n pieces…i’ve liked them.
      I’ll see if I can trace the one you mentioned.
      do give me sometime though.
      wish u a very happy new year

  9. parimal Kaikar

    Dear Sonia,
    I am a writer and my first novel A GODLY BLUNDER is out.
    I would love to get it reviewed by you. Please let me know how this can be arranged.
    Parimal Kalikar

  10. Mangesh Jadhav

    I have written a thriller named ‘THE ORDEAL’ based on espionage. It was published in August 2011 and is available on numerous sites including Flipkart.com. Will you review it?

  11. carelessbytes

    Hi Sonia,

    My debut novel, INCOGNITO, has just hit the stores. I would love to have a review from you. Please let me know where I could send you a reviewer’s copy.

    Lata Gwalani

  12. Dhiraj Kumar

    I have written a book on social networking. I would request for a review.


  13. Hi Sonia
    We enjoy reading your website. I have a revenue opportunity for you which I would like to discuss, can we discuss this sometime.

  14. Hi Sonia,

    I have read many of your book reviews and loved them!
    I am a debut author myself (“Polka Dots, Pony Tails and Purple Pouts” – it hit the stands this January) and if you can review my book, it’d be great! Let me know the address where I can ship the reviewer’s copy.

    Keep up the good work,
    Amrita Anand

  15. Hi ,
     My book got released only five days back and I was surfing for a good reviewer for it and came cross this wonderful site of yours that has some amazing reviews…will you be interested to review mine?
    A Little about myself-
    I am a post graduate in English literature and Phd( English)  from Mumbai University .I have been writing since I can remember !  I am a journalist by profession. Worked with Times Of India  and  edited lifestyle magazines. Times West side carried  a feature  on me for their cover for their second anniversary  issue a few years back. I have hundreds of published work to my credit . I generally write on invitation  for leading publications. This is my first book as  a writer. 
    Kind Regards,
     Dr Anuradha p

  16. Trying to get in touch with you regarding an initiative to support South Asian women writers. Please take a look at http://www.shereadssouthasia.com (early-stage site – will be adding author interviews, booklists etc). Kindly email me so that we can share more, and get your help

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