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Book Review of “Gone” By Jonathan Kellerman


By Jonathan Kellerman

Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware series never misses out on action, adventure and thrill.

Gone is a good mystery plot.

A naked girl is found running across the road seeking help. Finally she manages to get an old truck driver to help her. She claims that she along with her boyfriend had been abducted. They even have some marks to prove it. Turns out that this pair (Michaela Brand and Dylan Meserve, twenty something year old acting students of an LA acting school) was seeking their “15 seconds of fame” by pulling up a hoax. But all said and done, the authorities press charges and Alex Delaware (an LA child psychologist and a consultant to the police) is on the case to examine Michaela Brand’s psychological state. A plea deal is eventually reached and life seems to come back to normal- until Michaela is found murdered. And Dylan Meserve goes missing.

Things go haywire from then on.

LAPD detective Lieutenant Milo Sturgis seeks Alex’s help as the body count increases. Seems like the serial killer on the loose must be put to rest. Everyone is under surveillance – from the students to the owners of the acting school to acquaintances to relatives – everyone.

As tempted as I am, I won’t be giving out the climax. Yeah thank your stars I’m not spoiling the suspense.

The characters of Alex and Sturgis show depth and a lot of development. Together they combine intellect and experience to solve cases that seem as complex as finding a needle in a hay stack. (Oh never mind the cliché here.)

Their friendship brings in warmth and fun. Their personal lives bring in a lot of drama and of course smiles.

It is not as predictable as it may seem. You are sure to be surprised at the revelations.

Gone is high on intensity, drama, suspense and thrill. Apart from the forgivable long descriptions of people, places etc. by the author, Gone does make for a great read. The plot is taut and it literally keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Kellerman seems to get better and better with each book. No wonder each of his Alex book (compelling and psychologically deep) eventually ends up being a bestseller.

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“Compulsion” By Jonathan Kellerman


By Jonathan Kellerman


Must admit, this is another involving, quick read by Kellerman.

It is fast-paced mystery, involving Alex Delaware, a child psychologist, and Lieutenant Milo Sturgis of the LAPD (he’s gay).

The case of a teenager’s disappearance years ago is picked up by Milo, along with the case of a retired school teacher’s murder, the recovery of a girl’s body and the murder of a shop clerk. Alex is called to chip in with his insight and discuss the case. The murders were gruesome and brutal and the murderer (apparently) drove a large dark luxury car.

The twist at the end was worth the read.

The plot grabs your undivided attention most of the time.

Kellerman’s knack of pairing Milo and Alex is sure commendable. Milo’s strength lies in tracing out details, putting the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together, definitely with Alex’s psychological insights. Milo is a very interesting, persistent homicide cop. While Alex’s expertise lies in his in-depth approach. Also, his long time girlfriend, Robin, is back with him in this one and thankfully their unexciting conversations were limited enough.

A strong, fast paced and well written novel with ample detailing (of people and places and situations). Clean writing; crisp dialogs; interesting plot; enjoyable over all.


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Book Review of “True Detectives” by Jonathan Kellerman

True Detectives

By Jonathan Kellerman

Well this one surely missed the mark.

No action, no suspense, no drama, no nothing!

The story is a bit complex. Two brothers, Moe Reed and Aaron Fox, one a police officer and another, a private detective end up working on a couple of case together and fish out childhood grievances. They have trouble accepting each other.

The usual protagonists of Kellerman’s stories, Milo Sturgis and Alex Delaware, seem to have almost disappeared.

Petty pace, unnecessary details, mundane characterization, uninteresting dialogues, disappointingly sluggish plot. Quite a let-down for Kellerman fans. Need I say more?

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