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Book Review of “Divine Justice” By David Baldacci

Divine Justice

By David Baldacci


This fourth installment of the Camel Club series is a great, fast-paced, page turning thriller proving Baldacci’s quality skills at penning mysteries like none other.

The story picks up where the previous one (Stone Cold) ends.

John Carr, also known as Oliver Stone, former CIA assassin, has killed Carter Gray, head of the CIA, and Roger Simpson, who had conspired to ruin Stone’s life. He’s on the run with a ticket of the Amtrack Crescent, headed for New Orleans rather than being spotted at the airports.

On the train he rescues a young man (Danny Riker) from three goons and accompanies him to his hometown – Divine, Virginia – an Appalachian coal mining town, to hide from his friends and the CIA.

But there’s more to this town that Stone stumbles upon. Most coal miners are methadone addicts; corruption rules the town; mysterious murders are a regular event in the name of suicide; a supermax prison in a small town; all this good enough to send “a shiver down the spine!”

Simultaneously Stone is being tracked by an agent, who possesses if not greater but definitely equal skills – Joe Knox. Stone’s basic instinct urges him to leave the place but his helpful nature over powers him to help Danny and his mother. Twist of fate brings Joe and Stone face-to-face as survivors of a criminal operation.

Baldacci’s skill of driving his characters from big cities to small mysterious towns convoluted in outrageous situations with multiple plot lines make this action packed thriller an absolute page turner.

A master storyteller Baldacci, keeps his readers on their seat’s edge with his nerve-wrecking suspense. The characterizations and the bold descriptions seem real and believable.

It feels like an apt conclusion to the Camel Club series.

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