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Book Review- “Dark slayer” by Christine Feehan

Dark Slayer

By Christine Feehan

Forever evolving the Carpathian series and raising the bar for herself, Feehan has managed to stick another feather in her cap with the Dark Slayer.

Dark Slayer is darn unique compared to the rest of her ‘Dark’ Carpathian books. This one has the villain Razvan capture the spotlight along with leading lady, vampire slayer Ivory Malinov. An atypical pair with interesting backgrounds and dark sides. The dynamics between such strong characters is full of substance and emotion that results in a passionate romance and love.

Ivory is a myth, a rumor, a secret whispered about in the dead of night by the Carpathian’s (a race of super natural people who are close to extinction and live in the Carpathian Mountains).
Is she friend or foe? Is she real or legend? And what can she possibly offer the Carpathian people in their hour of need? Will she bring them harm or help them in their most desperate hours?

These lines set the foundation of a thrilling, exciting and action-packed plot that brings in the much needed suspense, drama and of course romance!

The story is mainly about Ivory. She was deceived and left for dead. She ends up spending a considerable amount of time with the wolves. No wonder the magical connection she shared with them made for such an interesting read. Her grit to survive only to seek vengeance makes her the fiercely independent character that she is. And it is not just her physical strength that makes her a heroine – her intelligence and perseverance give her more competence in slaying vampires and unraveling spells than anyone else.

As with all Carpathian’s, she has the potential for one true life mate – the only other person in the world that will complete her.

Razvan turns out to be her true life mate – quite an unexpected, unthinkable but a great turn of fate. It was quite (un)natural to see Ivory discover her feminine side and withdraw in to a shell for a bit.

Razvan was hated by the Carpathian people for his betrayals against them, and Ivory the Dark Slayer, was branded a legend. They are tested beyond endurance and they face seemingly insurmountable odds which bring in mystery, intrigue and paranormal romance in bulk.

The characters of Ivory and Razvan are very strong in their own way. While she is a seasoned warrior, Razvan is the brilliant strategist. Their partnership helps them battle their enemy.

They fall in love as destined. It was not forceful, expected or strategized. Respect, devotion and courage highlight their relationship and they live every moment of togetherness as if it were their last.

The quality of work is consistent and apart from some minor flaws (repetition of incidences), it makes for a great read. It is a very crisp and well written fantasy.

The mythology and world building is imaginative and smart. The beautiful personalities of the wolves and their loyalty to Ivory came out as strong moments.

Coming to Razvan – he’s the sort of character we have hated, loved and pitied in the past. It is commendable how Feehan has turned such a villain into a hero. The backdrop of his story is created wonderfully.

Dark Slayer is a moving, daunting, tempting, emotionally gripping and a fantastic book overall.


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