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Book Review of “The Defector” By Daniel Silva

The Defector

By Daniel Silva


The Defector looks like Silva’s best and strongest work in the action/adventure genre.

Gabriel Allon – a tough (yet sympathetic) art restorer and preeminent Israeli secret agent, is sent on a secret mission – to get back a man he previously rescued, who is now kidnapped by a Russian arms dealer.

First time readers of Silva’s work will have no trouble catching up with the plot as there is enough background detail to illustrate the real motive of the actions of all the characters and the plot.

The author’s impeccable writing skills bring in a horde of suspense and thrill and unending excitement with splendid twists, keeping the pace of this multi-continent mission sleek and fast. The rich content and quality of the otherwise stereotypical Russian military show a new flavor of his writing and ideation.

Tension builds with every word. The plot is captivating and definitely thrilling.

Apt descriptions and believable plots/situations/characters make it a quick read for all of Silva’s fans. His brilliance in portraying emotions, motivation and appeal are simply aweinspiring.

The compelling political backgrounds; the complex yet charismatic character of Allon; the appealing characters; the links and revelation of plots – sometimes seem predictable but they still seem better off than many other thrillers provided by other authors.


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