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Book Review of “Twelve harp” By Janet Evanovich

Twelve Sharp

By Janet Evanovich


I seem to have an OCD of sorts, I must confess. Every time I see a new Stephanie Plum book I have to read it. And read it to the tee! The best part is that you don’t really have to scratch any part of your grey matter to guess or predict the mystery (mostly). It is not a “psychological thriller” kind. It is pure fun to read.

So officially we have two worst bounty hunters in Trenton, NJ, – Lula and Stephanie (in that order). While on an assignment, Stephanie is stalked and approached by a woman (Carmen Manoso) who not only dresses like Ranger but talks and walks like him. She carries the same attitude that Ranger does. Carmen claims to be Ranger’s wife. She says that Ranger married her, dumped her, emptied their bank account and fled the scene, all within the last six months. Stephanie is shocked to hear that, ‘coz she believes that secretive Ranger ain’t dishonorable enough to treat any woman like that.

Carmen carries a 9mm G-Lock and even fires a bullet into the rear fender of Steph’s new Morris Minnie, just to show her anger.

And Carmen has her own game plan. She’s on the lookout for Ranger, who now seems to be missing along with his twelve year old daughter. The girl has been kidnapped from her birthmother and stepfather in Miami and fingers are pointing to Ranger.

So we have the usual love triangle going in this one as well. Apart from the usual ruckus of being chased and chasing the bad guys, Steph pairs up with Ranger to find a killer, rescue a kidnapped child, avoid being nabbed or shot; and eventually grows close enough to prick the ego/love of Joe Morelli.

In this one, Evanovich highlights the elusive Ranger and gives us a glimpse of the real man.

But the regular (and new) characters in odd situations, not to forget Grandma Mazur and her quirks, make this a “no-brainer” sorta read. Some readers might not like the convenient route taken by Evanovich all the time, but what the heck – it works!

The plot is easy (yeah, predictable); the dialogues are snappy and fun; and the action is strong enough to keep you hooked. Just like the earlier ones, Twelve Sharp is a fast-paced entertaining novel with ample of crazy humor, romantic tension, action, mystery, and a twist (no exploding cars!)


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Book Review “Ten Big Ones” By Janet Evanovich

Ten Big Ones

By Janet Evanovich


So we can never expect a “normal” day in the life of Stephanie Plum–can we!?! Her innocent little trip to the deli in quest for nachos with the ever faithful Lula couldn’t get any more adventurous. There’s a robbery, leading to an explosion, leading to car destruction, leading to Steph becoming a target of a gang. That’s all. No wait –there’s more: her involvement with Joe and Ranger is getting hotter; she has to save and protect and hide herself from the most dangerous force to attack Trenton; and yes, she has to hunt down Junkman. Now that’s all. Phew! And guess where she hides! In ranger’s apartment without Joe’s knowledge!

A girl bounty hunter, forever landing herself in trouble, making life for Joe (her, on-again/off-again, boyfriend) a little worse each time, blatantly flirting with Ranger half the time, exploding cars unintentionally, Steph sure is capable of unimaginable feats! Or maybe it’s just her bad timing / bad luck. But in spite of all the pitfalls she’s the delight of her crazy grandma and Lula’s best bud.

I wish — Steph soon grows up and is mature enough to finally pick “one” man – Joe or Ranger; Lula becomes a person rather than a “cartoon character”; Grandma Mazur gets over the funeral jokes/incidents; Ranger starts being less “flat”; and Joe – well – I think he’s good as a hot cop in love with Steph.

This one has funny dialogues, fast-paced action and wacky climax. And in spite of all the “repetitive” jazz, incredibly entertaining and hilarious as ever, Ten Big Ones is totally worth a read!


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Book Review of “Plum Lucky” By Janet Evanovich

Plum Lucky

By Janet Evanovich

Another humorous offering by Janet Evanovich.

Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter extraordinaire and New Jersey “hottie”, is back in the thick of things again – a part of her job description!

They say there’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. On St. Patrick’s Day, Grandma Mazur stumbles into a duffle bag full of money, and yes, there’s a rainbow in the sky!

So following the rule “Finders Keepers – Losers Weepers”, Grandma Mazur considers her lucky self blessed and takes off to the casinos of Atlantic City (Where else would anyone really think of going to splurge easy money, right!?)

But the loser, in this case, is an ex-jockey Zigmond Kulakowslo. He’s a short man in green pants, an Unmentionable, who claims he is a leprechaun, and also claims that it’s his money and he wants it back.

But the (mis)adventures and chaos continue with Stephanie, Lulu and Connie trying to trace Grandma; the Leprechaun trying to trace the money and Grandma; a mobster trying to trace the Leprechaun and the money; and Diesel tracing the Leprechaun.

Confusion, trouble and misadventures are a vital part of Grandma Mazur’s life. We see vivacious Lula becoming the next super-model; a midget and some mobsters on the chase; the kidnapping of Stephanie and her Grandma; a horse being held for ransom; and cars blowing up (of course!).

The plot isn’t astounding or novel – but the quirky writing makes up for it and entertains readers tremendously. Simple language, wacky characters and affably extraordinary situations makes this one a gripping read.


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Book Review of “Finger Lickin’ Fifteen” By Janet Evanovich

Finger Lickin’ Fifteen

By Janet Evanovich

Finger Lickin’ Fifteen is the fifteenth novel in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.

Hilarious as ever, this Stephanie Plum book gives you an optimum dose of entertainment.

Lula and Grandma Mazur’s (sometimes) mindless and inept action keeps cracking the readers; Ranger and Morelli still remain their usual attractive selves and though Stephanie shows no growth in character, the book is a fun red.

Lula witnesses the murder of a celebrity chef and is inclined to nab the murderer, given the hefty reward offered. She ropes in Grandma Mazur and Stephanie to help her promising to split the reward. Stephanie is assisting Ranger in solving a series of thefts that appear to be inside jobs and the two get some good action too.

Murder mystery aside, how does Stephanie remain her usual “thin” self is what ticks my brain cells. Maybe it’s her “bounty hunter” job that works for her.

But as such, no novelty. Same old car thrashing series. Same old Stephanie-teasing-Ranger/ Morelli. Same old Lula stunts. The passion, the mystery and the sprinkle of humor makes it readable – but as a fan I still yearn for a better plot.


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Book Review of “Plum Lovin'” By Janet Evanovich

Plum Lovin’

By Janet Evanovich

It amazes me how every time Janet come up with a new plot with her regular characters, without sacrificing on the entertainment value of the book.

Plum Lovin’ is a short, quick and enjoyable read. Plus we meet Diesel once again (after VISIONS OF SUGAR PLUMS).

Diesel (as we remember) has the ability to walk through walls. And this time he approaches Stephanie and tells her that he has the FTA she’s looking for, but strikes a deal before he can give it to her.

Annie Hart, an Unmentionable, is a matchmaker. She’s wanted for some armed robbery and assault case, and cannot be brought in until her client list is completely matched up. This task, she assigns to Stephanie. So Stephanie is playing “matchmaker” before Valentine’s Day in order to capture her FTA and recoup Vinnie’s money. Diesel tells Stephanie that he has Annie under wraps to protect her from someone who is out to get her for messing up his marriage.
Stephanie has to match five weird clients to complete the job, including Stephanie’s sister’s boyfriend who wants to be married but freaks out at the thought of a wedding.

Diesel on the other hand is trying to nab a person who has the power of giving people rashes and hives.

A series of humorous blunders involving guns, handcuffs, junk cars, and the general chaos follow as Stephanie tries her “match-making” skills.

Surprisingly, no cars being destroyed in this one and no Grandma Mazur wacky-ness! But no compromise on the element of humor. Lula (and her wise crack and alternative perspective) and Ranger’s bodyguard Tank with their comical mis-match and a dicey chase through Trenton’s streets, involving Stephanie’s family and friends keep the readers giggling throughout.

Missed having Joe and Ranger around in this one. Sometimes I wonder how lucky Stephanie is to have Trenton, New Jersey cop Joe Morelli, dangerous Ranger and the hunk of a guy- Diesel in her life!

Though there wasn’t much suspense or intrigue, the book had ample of crazy antics and good laughs.


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