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Book Review of “Worst Case” By James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Worst Case

By James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

A stupendous work of a seasoned author.

Detective Michael Bennett (NYPD) and FBI agent Emily Parker (abduction case specialist) team up to track a serial killer in this gripping bestseller.

A quick and easy read, decked with giggles and light-hearted fun in mini-chapters.
A run through Bennett’s life – a widower with ten (!!!) foster children; their beautiful nanny who ends up having a crush on Bennett; plenty of exciting action in tracing the villain and cracking the case of missing teenagers; mushy romance with partner Emily Parker ending on a smart and riveting note makes the book a good read. 

The tome exudes loads of suspense, tension and fast paced excitement.

I’d recommend this one.

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Book Review of “Step On A Crack” By James Patterson

Step On a Crack

By James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

It’s almost Christmas. A former first lady is poisoned while dining with her husband in a high-profile New York restaurant. Of course her funeral, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, is attended by thousands of mourners, especially by government leaders, businessmen, celebrities, VIPs and “who’s who” of the city. And then there is a twist. A group of kidnappers strike taking all of them hostage. They release everyone but 35 of the big shots in order to extort money.

A few blocks away, an over worked hostage negotiator for NYPD, Michael Bennett, and his ten (adopted) kids are by the bedside of his terminally ill wife, Maeve.

He is called in to begin negotiations with the kidnappers. He takes the lead and starts negotiating with Jack – the leader of the kidnappers. Jack comes across as a cold, ruthless and cunning man. With the media and officials hovering all around, Bennett continues the negotiations. The talks span over hours and days and Maeve succumbs to Cancer.

As Bennett and the officials devise plans to rescue the hostages, they get help from the outside, by the Neat Man, an obsessive-compulsive man who must always be clean.

With an intriguing setup and plot, the readers discover the truth behind the kidnapping and the revelation of the villain behind it all.
James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge have portrayed the character of Detective Michael Bennett with finesse. He is shown coming to terms with his wife’s death at an untimely hour and his concern for their ten kids viz-a-viz the present danger lurking on the city. The real life situations in the plot make the plot ‘believable. The protagonist is shown as a strong character yet sensitive whose faith is being tested with a platter full of worries bestowed on him (in his personal and professional front).

The other characters (hostages) are entertaining; the suspense is well played upon; the kidnappers were a bit predictable; overall Step on a Crack is a simple yet engaging read. Big fonts, short chapters, ample of spacing and a fine plot makes it a well crafted novel by Patterson and Ledwidge.


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Book Review of “The Quickie” By James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

The Quickie

By James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge


The Quickie by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge is after all a “quick read” (atleast it happened to be so in my case.)

NYPD cop Lauren Stillwell has it all going well for her (a loving husband-Paul-a successful broker, a beautiful home, a nice job) till finds her husband entering a hotel with a beautiful blonde one afternoon. On questioning he lies through his teeth and Lauren gets all geared up to seek revenge – the same way!

Raging she gives in to temptation and has a fling (“quickie”) with Scott Thayer, an undercover police officer involved in a narcotics operation. But this passionate “quickie” turns deadly as she witnesses the brutal murder of Scott, by Paul (as she assumes it)!

Lauren is put in charge of Scott’s homicide case, along with her partner Detective Mike Ortiz. It turns out that Paul is clean – he was not the one cheating on her. And she tries her best to cover Paul’s involvement with the case at any level.

What follows is a roller-coaster ride of violence, deceit and lots of chaos as Lauren struggles to find out the real criminal and tries to save her job, her husband, her marriage and her life!

But I felt that Lauren’s conflicting roles as a wife and as a cop were not really acceptable.  Agreed she loyalties towards her husband and her job put her in a fix but to such extents! It’s ‘coz of her rash, irrational assumptions that the whole saga takes place jeopardizing her whole world.

Patterson’s formulaic elements of love, lust, romance, betrayal, lies, murder, action, suspense and thrills meshed together to keep the story moving. The twists and turns in the plots and the surprises around the corner keep the readers hooked.

But overall this one sure is a fast paced and entertaining read.


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