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Book Review of “One Afternoon” By Roma Bansal

One Afternoon

By Roma Bansal


Never judge a book by its cover…and don’t just buy it ‘coz its cover page is glamorous enough! The ideation is bold and readable.

A slow start with complex sentence formation, but a clear thought process (reflecting a bit later) makes the book readable.

For Amdavadis, the situations, places and people would be relatable but for others it might take a bit of time to get into the setting.

The story is about – Ria and her flamboyant ways of life vis-à-vis uptight Radha. It takes the reader through the highs and lows of a relationship, penetrates into the only real thing called “love” and depicts Roma’s perception about women and their emotions.

It is a slightly unconventional story (of same sex love) with a conventional climax, portrayed with utmost lucid ideas, considering the backdrop of a highly conservative city (Ahmedabad).

The characters are pretty real and relatable, all with ample of freedom of expression given to all. No sleazyness reflects in the explicit sexual glory that advance boldly as the plot progresses, maintaining the Indian sensibility throughout.

A good effort to break open the chains of social and moral perspectives that still exist in our society.


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