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Book Review of “Rise And Shine” By Anna Quindlen

Rise and Shine

By Anna Quindlen


So the story goes:

Bridget Fitzmaurice, the narrator of the story, works for a women’s shelter in the Bronx while her older sister, Meghan, co-host of the popular morning show Rise and Shine, is the most famous woman on television.

Meghan is married to Evan, a high-powered lawyer and they have a college going son – Leo.

Meghan’s life is hit by nasty tidal waves when her husband walks out on her and she ends up using certain forbidden words ‘on air’. Life changes. But not for the better.

Meghan leaves without a trace. And Bridget comes to the forefront.

Bridget is like the sharp, intelligent, unglamorous daughter while Megan is the airy popular kind. When Meghan disappears Bridget dons the coat of a detective and with Irving Lefkowitz’s help (a big, lumbering 67-year-old cop) she traces some clues from her childhood to find her sister.

At the heart of the story, it examines life and relationships and their importance.

I wouldn’t call this Anna’s best. I might not even recommend this.

And here’s why.
The story is interesting in bits and parts, more so towards the climax. Otherwise it is quite slow and dull.
Bridget Fitzmaurice’s character is interesting. Her job at the Bronx; her assistant, Tequila; Bridget balancing professional life, personal life, and romantic life made up for a good read. Rest of the characters were just about okay.

Had Anna Quindlen focused on the relationship of the sisters it could’ve been more interesting.
Meghan’s character could have been sketched a bit stronger.

The time frames mentioned herein aren’t very clear, making the narrative a bit confusing and losing the reader’s interest. And there’s too much focus on the socialite culture of New York. Overall it ain’t all that good.


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