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Dead In the Family

Dead In the Family

By Charlaine Harris


The plot is a bit weak, rather disappointing, unlike other Sookie books by Charlaine Harris. All characters have their family members roped in with a lanky thread.

There seems inconsistent flow of logic. I did not understand how the juicy character of Eric transforms into a love sick Viking without any real “life-changing” experience. Some characters just seem to have been brought up to fill pages and then discarded abruptly.

The main plot seems to have no help from the rather loose sub-plots; the love scenes were scrawny; the fairies, the werewolves and the vampires don’t add much value; and Snookie’s character seems to be thinning out at some level.

A somewhat unappealing book.


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Book Review of “Bad Moon Rising” By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Bad Moon Rising

By Sherrilyn Kenyon


Bad Moon Rising, the seventeenth book in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s phenomenally popular Dark Hunter paranormal romance series, seems like a bit of a disappointment penned by an ace writer like Sherrilyn Kenyon. Her earlier books had a mystic sense of anticipation which now seems to have completely fizzled out.

Her earlier books were full of intense passion, twists in mythology, heavy on lust, heroic deeds. This one lacks intensity and depth. No new developments, neither an interesting plot. And no intense romance as expected. Also the timeline is a bit vague.

A major section of the book is a rehash of the past, now seen in a different light and with a different view point.

The main focus being – Fang Kattalakis (were-wolf) is in love with Aimee (were-bear) and they are willing to fight the world to be together. The problem is that they belong to different rival clans. Their efforts to unite are touching – brining in some drama, action and romance.

And someone out there is setting up Fang for multiple murders. Then there is Thorn and the hell-chasers. Quite a bit of unrelated and random events all forced into a story. Fang with his secrets and Aimee with hers bring a certain flavor but not really up to the mark. Even the climax is a bit rushed into.


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