Book Review of “Smoke Screen” By Sandra Brown

Smoke Screen

By Sandra Brown

Here’s a refreshing new read from Sandra Brown.

Britt Shelley, a new reporter for a TV station in Charleston awakens next to the corpse of Detective Jay Burgess with no remembrance of the night before.

All she remembers is meeting Jay on his request and downing a drink over which he confesses that he has cancer and not much time to live.

When accused of murdering Jay she thinks that she must’ve been administered a date rape drug, but when the tests come up negative on that one, she realizes that a big conspiracy is engulfing her. And truly so, she is soon kidnapped by Raley Gannon, who holds a grudge for her for ruining his life five years ago.

Five years ago, Britt had reported an incident where Raley Gannon, an arson specialist with the Fire Dept was found in bed with a dead woman at Jay’s apartment. Raley was stripped off his job, his dignity and his life. And when he hears about Britt’s incident the past comes flashing before his eyes because his experience was absolutely similar. He had no remembrance as to how he wound up in bed with the dead lady. Britt’s reporting had resulted in his destruction.

Raley kidnaps her to interrogate about Jay and shares his side of the story. He is sure that they were set up. They join hands to unveil the criminal behind it all and restore their reputations.

The investigation is a difficult one with not just the cops but also assassins on their tail. Here begins a chilling roller coaster ride.

Sandra Brown has a unique ability of setting in the right mood and the tone of describing the city and the plot. Her high quality writing completely absorbs the reader’s attention and lingers a while even after the story ends.

An extremely fast paced mystery, with great surprises and suspense, sprinkled with mediocre bits of romance and apt characterization, this one is a definite keeper!



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